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Torresol Energy - Reinventing Solar Power
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Press Dossier

Torresol Energy, the future of solar thermal energy

Gemasolar, the world's most innovative commercial solar plant

  • System Operation
  • Solar Field
  • Central Tower and Receiver
  • Gemasolar's Main Advantages
  • Gemasolar 's main advantages
  • Recognition and Awards
  • Local Community Relationships
  • Poster: 'Gemasolar: How it works'
  • Poster: 'Gemasolar: Key figures'

Valle 1 and Valle 2, Spain's largest ever sequencial construction of dual solar power plants

  • Poster 'Valle 1 & Valle 2:how they works'
  • Poster 'Valle 1 and Valle 2: key figures'

SENER, a private engineering and technology group

  • SENER's experience in Concentrated Solar Power



Contact with Corporate Communication.

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